70 years. 3 generations. One goal. ​

About Berntson Brands

We are a pioneering, family-owned business with seven decades of home-grown wisdom about launching and growing premier wine and spirit brands in Sweden. 

We build productive partnerships with vintners and producers seeking superior service to ensure their products flourish in
a new and dynamic market.

Family owned

Berntson Brands is a family-owned business with deep roots in Sweden that keeps an eye on the world. World-class brands have been at the heart of the company ever since Bror-Eric Berntson became the sole representative for Martini Rossi in Sweden back in 1954. 

Since then, we’ve had the honour of introducing a range of wine and spirit brands to Sweden, such as Chadwick Wines, Veuve Clicquot, and Jägermeister. Along the way, tastes, products, and the market have evolved – as have we.

We continue to build long-term partnerships with an ever-wider array of wine and spirit brands from across the globe so we can anticipate, cultivate, and satisfy Swedes’ tastes. 

As we enter our eighth decade as one of Sweden’s leading distributors, we remain committed to helping our partners grow and succeed.


Why partner with us?

Product knowledge, branding savvy

We leverage a deep understanding of our partners’ products to cultivate a winning brand strategy tailored to the Swedish market

Devotion to a highly curated portfolio

Inviting only select, high-quality brands to our exclusive collection lets us provide the unparalleled level of service our partners deserve.

Long-term alignment

As a family-owned business dedicated to distribution with no brands of our own, our success depends completely on our
partners’ success.

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